great water timer easy to install and set up

This garden water timer is super easy to understand and to operate with the simple buttons for quick settings
Equipped with a large LCD screen that displays real time, how long, how often, start time and the next watering start time

Digital Tap Timer | Garden Hose Timers | Automatic Water Timer




Multi-Functional Water Timer:- Small & Powerful. You can set the current time, start time, watering duration, watering frequency, rain delay and manual watering according to your irrigation plans.

  • Weight 420g
  • Power: ‎2 * AA batteries (does not contain)
  • Recommended Water Pressure: 0.05-0.8 Mpa
  • Watering Time: 1s-59s; 1min-99min
  • Watering Frequency: 1h-23h, 1 day-15 days

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watering timer allow wider range of run time and interval. The watering duration ranges from 1s to 300min, and irrigation interval from 1h to 15 days. That can make you watering schedule fully customizable.


Equipped with a large LCD screen that displays real time, how long, how often, start time and the next watering start time, this garden sprinkler timer is super easy to understand and to operate with the simple buttons for quick settings.


When emergency use of water is necessary in case of hot and dry weather or abnormal drought, you can activate the manual watering mode on this water timer for hoses to irrigate your lawn and plants immediately. The activation of manual watering function will not affect the preset irrigation schedules


For long service life in the outdoor, our irrigation system timer for hoses has robust housing that’s constructed out of high-strength plastic to withstand heavy impacts. IPX5 waterproofing also promises excellent resistance against rain, storm and severe weathers.


The digital water timer is powered by 2 x 1.5V AA batteries, which is easily accessible; when battery is low, the water timer will automatically activate the low power protection function to save power. Widely used in garden, parks and patio for irrigating lawns and putdoor plants
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How does a digital tap timer simplify garden watering?
A digital tap timer automates watering schedules, ensuring your garden gets the right amount of water at the right time.
Are garden hose timers compatible with most standard hoses?
Yes, garden hose timers are designed to fit most standard hoses, making them a versatile choice.
What makes an automatic water timer a convenient tool for busy gardeners?
An automatic water timer allows you to set watering schedules and forget about manual watering, saving you time and effort.
Can a digital tap timer help conserve water in my garden?
Absolutely! Digital tap timers prevent overwatering by delivering the right amount of water, promoting water conservation.
Do garden hose timers come with user-friendly controls for easy programming?
Yes, garden hose timers typically feature user-friendly controls and digital displays for easy programming.
How do automatic water timers contribute to healthier plants and lawns?
Automatic water timers ensure consistent watering, promoting healthier plant growth and greener lawns.
Can I set different watering schedules for various areas of my garden with a digital tap timer?
Yes, many digital tap timers offer multiple programming options, allowing customized schedules for different garden zones.
Are garden hose timers battery-operated for added convenience?
Yes, most garden hose timers are battery-operated, making installation and operation hassle-free.
Can I rely on an automatic water timer to water my garden while I'm away on vacation?
Absolutely! An automatic water timer ensures your garden stays well-watered, even when you’re not there.
How durable are digital tap timers, and do they withstand outdoor conditions?
Digital tap timers are built to be durable and weather-resistant, ensuring they perform well in outdoor settings.
Are garden hose timers suitable for both small gardens and large landscapes?
Yes, garden hose timers are versatile and can be used in gardens of all sizes.
How does an automatic water timer help prevent under-watering and plant stress?
Automatic water timers ensure consistent watering, preventing under-watering and the stress it can cause to plants.
Can a digital tap timer be used with a drip irrigation system?
Yes, many digital tap timers are compatible with drip irrigation systems, enhancing water efficiency.
Do garden hose timers come with rain delay features to adapt to changing weather?
Yes, some garden hose timers have rain delay functions to adjust watering based on weather conditions.
Are there options for automatic water timers with remote control capabilities?
Yes, some automatic water timers offer remote control via smartphone apps for added convenience.
How can I extend the life of my digital tap timer?
Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and battery replacement, can extend the life of your digital tap timer.
Can garden hose timers help me adhere to water restrictions in my area?
Yes, garden hose timers allow you to set watering schedules that comply with local water restrictions.
Do automatic water timers come with a warranty for peace of mind?
Many automatic water timers are backed by warranties, providing peace of mind for buyers.
How do I know which digital tap timer is right for my garden's needs?
Consider factors such as your garden size, water requirements, and programming preferences to choose the right digital tap timer.
Can garden hose timers be used with organic fertilizers and plant treatments?
Yes, garden hose timers can be used to apply organic fertilizers and plant treatments, making them versatile for garden care.
Revolutionize Your Garden with a Digital Tap Timer: The Ultimate Guide

Gardening has always been a labor of love, but it doesn’t have to be labor-intensive. Enter the Digital Tap Timer, a game-changing device that puts you in control of your garden’s watering schedule. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll explore the world of digital tap timers, understand their benefits, and learn how they’re transforming the way we care for our gardens.

1. The Convenience of a Garden Water Timer

A digital tap timer, also known as a garden hose timer or automatic water timer, is a smart device designed to automate the watering of your garden. It allows you to set precise watering schedules and durations, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of moisture without manual intervention.

2. Benefits of Using a Garden Hose Timers:

a. Consistent Watering: Digital tap timers ensure that your garden receives a consistent supply of water, which is essential for the health of your plants.

b. Water Efficiency: You can program your timer to water during the cooler parts of the day, reducing water loss due to evaporation.

c. Precision Control: These timers offer the flexibility to set specific watering schedules and durations, providing precise control over your garden’s hydration.

d. Time and Labor Savings: By automating the watering process, you save time and effort, making garden maintenance more convenient.

e. Remote Management: Many digital tap timers can be controlled remotely via smartphone apps, allowing you to adjust your watering schedule even when you’re not at home.

3. Types of Digital Tap Timers:

Digital tap timers come in various models to suit different preferences and needs:

a. Basic Digital Timers: These provide simple scheduling options and are easy to set up.

b. Advanced Programmable Timers: These timers offer more complex programming options, allowing for multiple schedules and durations.

c. Smart Timers: These can be controlled remotely through smartphone apps, giving you the ability to manage your garden’s watering from anywhere.

4. How to Choose the Best Automatic Water Timer:

Selecting the ideal digital tap timer depends on various factors, such as:

a. Garden Size: Consider the size of your garden and the number of watering zones you need to cover.

b. Watering Needs: Evaluate the specific watering requirements of your plants, as some may need more or less moisture.

c. Ease of Use: Choose a timer with settings that you are comfortable with, whether it’s a basic or advanced model.

d. Connectivity: If you prefer remote control, opt for a smart timer that can be managed through a smartphone app.

5. Conclusion: Smart Watering, Happy Garden

A digital tap timer is a game-changing addition to your garden that brings precision and convenience to your watering routine. Whether you have a small backyard garden or an extensive landscape to care for, these timers can help you maintain lush and healthy greenery while conserving water. If you’re ready to simplify your garden maintenance and save time, consider adding a digital tap timer to your gardening toolkit. Your plants will thank you.


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