Very easy to read and use. No brainer. Like the long probes to check the soil moisture level before watering so I don’t drown my 10″ potted plants’ roots.

Reliable & accurate. The digital plant probe ensures accurate & instant testing results, matching for both indoor or outdoor use

One device, three functions. If you’re a garden enthusiast and would like to be in the know of what your plants need to thrive, this soil pH meter is a must


Digital Soil Tester | Hygrometer Digital | Digital Plant Probe

no batteries required




  • 3-IN-1 FUNCTION — can be used to test soil moisture, pH value and sunlight level, clear reading dashboard and quick response.
  • Double-Probe Detection — quick and easy to insert into the soil and get you more accurate data.
  • No Battery Required — plug and play, save you from changing the battery.
  • Lightweight and Portable — ideal soil test tool for indoor and outdoor use.

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With the 3 in 1 soil tester, know your plants’ moisture, pH, light intensity, which will assist you in better controlling the growth state of your plants.


The water may not penetrate into the soil evenly, you may try different depths and places to get a reasonable moisture data.


It’s only for test soil pH value, not applicable for other liquids, and the default value is set at between 7-8, be sure that you switch the button to pH when you use it.


If testing light intensity, do not cover the light sensor and make it face directly into the sunshine.
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Hygrometer

What is a Digital Soil Tester used for?
A Digital Soil Tester, also known as a Hygrometer Digital or Digital Plant Probe, is a versatile gardening tool used to measure soil moisture, pH levels, and sunlight intensity. It helps ensure optimal conditions for plant growth.
How does a Hygrometer Digital benefit my gardening efforts?
A Hygrometer Digital, interchangeably referred to as a Digital Soil Tester or Digital Plant Probe, benefits your gardening efforts by providing essential information about soil moisture levels. This data allows you to adjust watering and ensure your plants receive the right amount of hydration.
Is a Digital Plant Probe suitable for indoor and outdoor plants?
Yes, a Digital Plant Probe, also known as a Digital Soil Tester or Hygrometer Digital, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. It’s a valuable tool for maintaining healthy plant conditions in various environments.
What are the advantages of using a Digital Soil Tester?
Using a Digital Soil Tester, also interchangeably called a Hygrometer Digital or Digital Plant Probe, offers several advantages. It allows you to monitor soil conditions accurately, prevent over or under-watering, and ultimately promote healthier plant growth.
Can a Hygrometer Digital help prevent plant diseases caused by overwatering?
Yes, a Hygrometer Digital can help prevent plant diseases caused by overwatering. By providing real-time moisture data, it enables you to adjust your watering schedule to avoid excessive moisture, which is a common cause of plant diseases.
Is a Digital Plant Probe easy to use for beginners?
Yes, a Digital Plant Probe is designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners. It typically features a straightforward interface and clear readings for ease of use.
Can a Digital Soil Tester be used for a variety of soil types?
Yes, a Digital Soil Tester is versatile and can be used for various soil types, including garden soil, potting mix, and more. It provides accurate readings across different soil compositions.
Does a Hygrometer Digital require frequent calibration?
While some Hygrometer Digital models may benefit from occasional calibration, many are factory-calibrated and maintain accuracy over time. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific calibration recommendations.
Can a Digital Plant Probe help me optimize plant placement for ideal sunlight conditions?
Yes, a Digital Plant Probe can help you optimize plant placement by measuring sunlight intensity. This data allows you to position your plants where they receive the appropriate amount of light for their specific needs.
Can using a Digital Soil Tester improve the overall health and vitality of my plants?
Yes, using a Digital Soil Tester, also interchangeably referred to as a Hygrometer Digital or Digital Plant Probe, can significantly improve the overall health and vitality of your plants. By providing essential soil data, it empowers you to make informed decisions about watering and soil amendments, ultimately leading to healthier and more vibrant plants.
Can this be used in orchid mix or sphagnum moss?
You can use it in all types of soil mixtures. The moss will read ok if it is compact.
Can I use this on my grass
Yes you can
How is light meter reading used, and for what?
Knowing the light requirements of a plant is necessary for its health. The measure ment is taken by facing the meter at the light source, it is measured in lux 0-2000. For instance you would not put impatients in full sun.
Can it be safely disinfected with alcohol?
Yes, you can wipe it with alcohol.
Do you have to be eye level with it in the ground to see the reading? Or does the reading stay on it when you pull it out of the ground?
You have to be eye level. Once you pull it out it goes back to original setting. But it is very easy to read. Certainly stops you from overwatering your plants.
How long do I leave it in the soil for it to read ph?
It’s practically instantaneous. I’ve got about 40 plants and I can do them all and less in half an hour. It’s a marvelous little device.
Help with succulents in an arrangement?
It is accurate in acid in soil, water, & how much sunlight in the pot.


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